Surge by Roots Organics 0.75–0.1–0.5

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Roots Organics Surge (0.75–0.1–0.5) nutritional and microbial stimulant is designed from the finest sustainably harvested and enzymatically processed marine protein materials. The addition of molasses, kelp and humic acid to a powerful fish base creates a potent fusion of natural compounds to enhance the distinctive qualities and flavor of harvests. Faster growth, heavier yields and lush plants rich with essential oils are all benefits from these powerful liquid nutrients. 

  • Derived from hydrolyzed fish stabilized with phosphoric acid, kelp (Ecklonia maxima), molasses and Langbeinite
  • Boost essential oils and taste
  • Used in conjunction with Trinity (Biocatalyst)
  • Can be used for a plant's entire life. Begin with light dosages and increase as plant matures in vegetation phase. Decrease during flowering to keep nitrogen levels accurate.

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