Red Lion 12 Volt Multi-Purpose Pump 300 GPH

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The Red Lion® 12 volt Multi-Purpose Pump (Camo Pump) is ideal for water transfer and pumping when no 120 volt AC power is readily available or portability is required. This may include cleaning applications, filling reservoirs or tanks, watering and more. It has a convenient carry handle and a unique camo detailing. The stainless steel pump head and steel motor cover offers corrosion and rust resistance. The Camo Pump has a dual thread intake and discharge with both 3/4 in male garden hose thread and 3/8 in female thread for PVC pipe connection. The pump also includes a vehicle power adapter with 6 ft power cord that works with any car, boat, truck, RV or ATV equipped with a 15 amp (or greater), 12 volt DC vehicle outlet.

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