Nectar for the Gods Bloom Khaos

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Kelp extract provides the soluble potash used in Bloom Khaos foliar spray. Mix with distilled water and spray tops and bottoms of leaves twice a week for one month beginning in the transitional growth-to-bloom phase.

Bloom Khaos is Nectar for the Gods’ patent pending secret weapon for flower production and alleviating hidden hunger. When using Bloom Khaos as a foliar feed, one should notice more flower sites, larger, denser flowers, and superior color, flavor, and aroma. Bloom Khaos improves plant health and vigor while reducing stress at crucial times of the plant’s life cycle, such as: transplanting, flower transition, and prior to taking cuttings. Bloom Khaos works best if used daily as a foliar spray in the early stages of growth and up to a few weeks into flowering. After that, it works well as a water-in additive.

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