Green Pad Grand Daddy - CO2 Generating Pad

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The GREEN PAD CO2 generators has made adding Carbon Dioxide to indoor gardens easier than ever. THE GREEN PAD absorbs the humidity in your indoor garden, to power its natural chemical reaction, releasing a measured amount of carbon dioxide. When it comes to supplementing your garden with CO2, THE GREEN PAD may be one of the most inexpensive and innovative ways to get the good gas to your plants. THE GREEN PAD's were designed to produce enough CO2 to be of significant benefit to the indoor home garden without the up front expense of equipment, but with similar results.

Do not get in a situation where you run out of CO2. THE GREEN PAD is your backup for growers using CO2 tanks that run empty. Keep an extra pack on hand for emergencies or when you cannot get a tank refill. Without expirations issues, THE GREEN PAD's are ready when your garden needs them.

EASY TO USE: To raise your PPM's follow the directions and hang 1-2 GREEN PADS above your canopy per every 200-400 cubic feet of garden space. Activated by humidity (35%) and /or by lightly misting with water or, adding a moist sponge to a folded GREEN PAD. Add new GREEN PADS each week, discard after 2 weeks. Adding more of THE GREEN PADS will increase your PPM's in your specific area.

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