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A high quality additive that is permanent, clean, odorless and sterile. Vermiculite is also very light in weight, easy to handle and easily mixes with potting mix or soil. Vermiculite promotes faster root growth and provides quick anchorage for young plants.

  • Seed Germination
  • Seed cover: Many commercial growers use vermiculite to cover sown seeds. By insulating the seeds, vermiculite protects the seeds from drying too fast. Since water and relative humidity play a very important role in the germination process, seeds planted then covered with vermiculite will be protected against fast drying conditions.
  • Mixed with soil and/or peat based substrate: Mixed with soil or soilless media vermiculite promotes aeration helping young plants to take hold easily. Seedlings will also be easier to remove with less danger of breaking off hair roots. Its high water retention will also decrease the irrigation frequency by naturally regulating water availability in the seed tray.
  • Rooting Cuttings: Professional nurserymen use vermiculite for the insertion of cuttings. Use directly as poured from the bag, water thoroughly and insert cuttings.
  • Soil Amending: Where native soil is heavy (clay), mixing vermiculite is recommended to increase air space. Where native soil is sandy, mixing vermiculite is also recommended. Its water retention allows the amended soil to hold more water, decreases drought stress, and maintains vigorous plant growth.
  • Storing Bulbs and Root Crops: Always allow moist bulbs to dry for a few hours and then place them in cartons and cover with vermiculite to absorb any excess moisture. Since it absorbs moisture, vermiculite helps protect your bulbs against mildew. The insulating properties protect your bulbs from temperature changes.
  • Ingredients: Vermiculite (100%)

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