Seed Starter Coco Coir Pots

Size: Round - 4in Diameter x 4.5in Tall
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  • 100% natural coco coir: Our seed starter nursery pots are made of natural coco coir, which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Compared with the peat or paper pots, our coco coir seedling nursery pots are more breathable so the seeds will grow healthy.
  • Sturdy: Our coir containers are sturdy and not easy to deform after watering. The roots can grow through the coco pot wall easily after being transplanted into the ground. Our coco seed germination containers will provide an ideal environment for seeds sprouting.
  • Easy to use: Just fill the coco coir seed starter pots with soil, put the seeds into the soil, pour an appropriate amount of water, insert our plastic plant label to mark and then wait for the seeds to germinate. Our coco coir seed starter pots are perfect for seeds starting.
  • Ideal planting presents: You can give our 2.5 inches biodegradable coco coir seed starter pots to your friends or families who are plant enthusiasts or new gardener as a practical holiday or birthday present. You can enjoy the process from germination to fruiting and share the joy of harvest together.

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