Coconut Coir - Compressed Bricks

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Gardin's Premium Coco Coir is a key component of every soil we use for our own plants.

We love it because

  • It is ultra clean! In a side-by-side comparison with the leading provider of compressed coco coir, our coco coir tested up to two times cleaner.
  • Low-EC: Lower dissolved salts compared to other coco products reducing plant stress and improving fertilizer uptake.
  • Once it expands, it never recompresses.
  • It has a great varied and light weight consistency that provides unmatched aeration and high water retention, a tough combination to find!
  • It can be used as a key ingredient in soil or as an excellent inert media for soilless grows.
  • It is is one of the best medias to start seeds.

Each brick of compressed low-EC coconut coir weighs approximately 11lbs and expands to roughly 2 cubic feet.


    Compressed coco coir 

    How to Use

    Add water to expand coir brick

    Use as soilless grow media or enrich with other ingredients to produce a custom soil mix

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