AgroLED iSunlight 41 Watt T5 4’ White 5500K LED Lamp

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The 41 watt 5,500°K T5 HO replacement LED garden lamps are an excellent choice for the propagation and vegetative cycles of your plants’ life.

  • Specifically designed to work with your existing T5 HO fluorescent grow lighting fixture
  • Produces over 4,900 lumens
  • Only consumes 41 watts of power
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Mercury free

With intelligent LED technology, this easy-to-use, easy-to-install T5 bulb allows for reduced power consumption, enhanced spectrum, and overall longer lamp life. Although this garden lamp is commonly used for the propagation and veg cycles of a plant’s life, this full spectrum LED can be used for any stage of growth.


  • Product Dimensions (in): 0.8 x 1 x 45.5
  • Item Weight (lbs):
  • Shipping Weight (lbs): 1
  • Manufacturer: AgroLED

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