Compost & Microbial Teas

What are Compost and Microbial Teas?

Compost Tea is exactly what it sounds like - a tea brewed from compost.  Microbial teas encourage the development of healthy, productive, living soils.  Additionally, they help flush out and digest remnant nutrients and dead root matter that can build up over time in potted soils and hydroponic root systems.  Some teas include nutrient rich ingredients as well that are heavily digested by microbes so that they are readily available to the plants in a form that is easily absorbed.  

You can make compost tea easily by placing compost in a fine mesh and brewing it in a heavily aerated solution.  Microbial Teas are much the same but offer a greater variety of organic nutrients and specified microbes for ingredients.  

Here at Gardin, we make our own tea’s using Compost Tea Bags and adding a variety of ingredients including earthworm castings, organic granular ingredients and humus.  For a heavier nutrient charge, we add in various Down to Earth products.

For teas that require brewing, we love using Xtreme Tea which requires brewing with heavily aerated water.  We like to brew up 5 gallons in a 5-gallon use a 4-outlet pump with two air stones connected by tees. This tea needs to be brewed for 24-48 hours before adding into a hydroponic or soil setting.  

Our favorite new option that has become a go-to product for many of us on the team are the Instant Tea’s offered by Cultured Biologix.  Their veg and bloom microbial teas are just-add-water products with light nutrient loads and heavy microbial populations.  We love using them in between feedings to help break down nutrients and keep the soil ecosystems healthy.
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