The goal of this “blog” is to share what we are learning, as we are learning it.  We hope to created a shared learning-process that is open and honest.  Even the most experienced gardeners started off at the same point, as absolute beginners.  Questions will drive further digging and learning, so please, don’t hesitate to ask questions!  I know that we won’t, that’s why we’ve started writing.  To share the questions we ask, and the answers we find as we dig into them.


We’ll be posting questions that we’re digging into, projects that we’re working on and more.  We’ll use various types of media including text, images and videos.  Hopefully, through the process, we’ll accumulate valuable resources that are helpful to our community.


We’d love to have our community contribute.  Let us know if you have questions you want us to dig into or questions that you are digging into yourself!  Email us at if you want to share your learning explorations with us.