Xtreme Gardening Tea Brews 80 gm (5 Gal) 2 Pack

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Xtreme Tea Brews are a blend of the highest-quality organic matter teaming with active soil microbes, such as bacteria and symbiotic fungi. The treasure trove of beneficial organisms in Tea Brews are poured around the base of your plant, where they begin rapidly breaking down nutrients into plant available forms. With more nutrients and minerals available, your plants reach new peak rates of growth. The living microbes help shield plants from disease and stress. Tea Brews are a beneficial additive and may be used with any nutrient line. Now in one use packages.

Contains 2 Tea Brew Pouches & 2 Microbe Food Packs.

Each pair of a pouch and food pack make a 5 gallon brew. Both pairs brew a total of 10 gallons.

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