Xtrasun 1000W High Pressure Sodium Garden Lamp

by Xtrasun
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Providing you with long-lasting and reliable operation for vigorous flowering growth.

  • High-intensity discharge
  • Engineered specifically for use with both magnetic and electric ballasts
  • 2000° Kelvin color temperature
  • Can be used throughout the vegetative and flowering phases
  • Exceptional performance

The Xtrasun High Pressure Sodium (HPS) garden lamp is your clear choice for high-intensity discharge, offering optimal growth for your plants during the flowering phase, and can even be used throughout the full cycle. Featuring high-quality components and exceptional performance, this HPS garden lamp by extra sun consistently provides intense light in the correct spectral range to ensure your plants are getting the best of the best.


  • Average Rated Life Hours: 24000
  • Base Type: Mogul (E39)
  • Bulb Orientation: Universal
  • Color Temp: 2000K
  • HID Type: Sodium
  • Rated Initial Lumens: 130000
  • Rated Wattage: 1000

*Correlated color temperatures will fluctuate pending which bulb is purchased.

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