Sun Blaze T5 HO Supreme 21, 2’ 1 Lamp

Save $5.14

Maximize output and diffusion with the Sun Blaze Supreme Strip garden lamp with an aluminum reflector.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install with included mounting hardware and hanging bracket kit
  • Energy efficient, high-output ballast
  • Durable aluminum housing
  • Includes European aluminum reflector

This indoor garden lamp is the perfect grow lighting fixture for any grower — whether you are new or professional. Unlike a high-intensity discharge light, the Sun Blaze Supreme 21 produces minimal heat, which helps eliminate the need for costly ventilation systems that take up more space. Easily daisy-chained to matching fixtures, this garden lamp is perfect for use on its own or can be expanded limitlessly with the 4-in jumper cable. This grow lighting fixture accommodates standard 2-ft and 4-ft replacement lamps, and is easily installed with the included mounting hardware and bracket kit, and power cord.


  • Color Temperature (°K): 6500 (blue)
  • Bulb Type: T5
  • Volume (cf): 0.166
  • Weight (lb): 2.000
  • Length (in): 24.400
  • Width (in): 5.600
  • Height (in): 2.100

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