Slucket Bucket Posiflow RDWC System

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Number of Sites: 4 Site
Spacing: 24in
Complete or Base System: Complete System (includes air pump + water pump + air stones and air lines)
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The Slucket Posiflow RDWC is a reengineered spin on your traditional RDWC hydro systems. Water is pumped and diverted through the bottom of each bucket through a manifold, which allows for even distribution and more efficient flow than undercurrent systems. This direction of flow allows each plant to eat independently and the same time. (There’s no waiting for nutrients to be pulled from one bucket/module to the next like in traditional under currents).

When it comes time to do your weekly nutrient change-outs, the Slucket system makes this as easy as possible with a single drain valve that utilizes the same water pump. Simply close 2 of your valves, and water will be diverted through whatever discharge hose you decide to connect. Each bucket has a 4.3 degree slope to a bottom port, which allows the system to be 100% drained. No longer will you have to shop vac that last 2 inches of water like you do in under currents!

Setting up your system is now easier than ever with Slucket's new silicone tubing. Check out our setup tutorial!

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