Rain Science - Clone Cone, Propagation Bag

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The Rain Science® Clone Cone is made for propagating plants. Whether you start from seeds or cuttings plants just love getting their start in  Rain Science Clones. They root much faster than other methods with a higher success rate, and also fall victim to much less diseases such as root rot. When it comes to transplanting The Clone Cone eliminates stress, plants simple slide out of our unique design. for storage and handling Clones cones fit right inside your standard propagation trays.

  • Unique Cone design eliminates stress and makes transplanting seedling or clones very easy
  • Rain Science material won't mold or mildew.
  • Perfect for shipping plants
  • Fits in many styles of propagation trays. for easy handling and storage.
  • Perfect for soil or hydroponics
  • Indoor or outdoor.
  • Size is Approx: 7" x 6"

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