Powerbox HID8 Lighting and Accessory Wireless Controller






Input:  208/240V Single Phase 50/60Hz, 50A Maximum (High Leg OK) L1+L2+Neutral+Ground

Output:  208/240V Single Phase 50/60Hz, 50A Maximum

NEMA 6-15 Duplex Outlet Receptacles:  4 (8 outlets total)

Circuit Protection: 15A Thermal Circuit Breaker Per Duplex Outlet

Programmable Zones:  1 or 2

WiFi 2.4GHz Standard ½ wave antenna

Powder coated steel enclosure

For Indoor Use Only

Dimensions:  16.00” x 6.75” x 3.75”

Weight:  10.5 Lbs.

Shipping Dimensions:  20” x 9” x 5”

Shipping Weight:  13 Lbs.

UPC: 688907909062  (HID8-240V)

UPC: 688907909079  (HID8-240V-D)

Hey kids, wanna grow some plants?  An eight-lighter is the perfect setup – fits in a bedroom.  You should definitely do it.  Luckily, with the HID8, wiring-up the power for eight lights has never been easier – or smarter!  The HID8 is the ultimate lighting controller in every way - easy to install, and complete control from your phone. 

We’ve designed these units so that virtually anybody can install them.  Thanks to the removable front panel and direct-wire terminal blocks, just mount the unit where you want it, and bring the wiring straight to it.  So easy to install, you will be up-and-running in just a few minutes. When it comes to plugging in your lights, each NEMA 6-15 outlet pair can deliver up to 15A of current, and is protected by its own 15A circuit breaker.  And for all of you techies out there, rejoice.  When you are on the #GCNetwork, you have unlimited flexibility in accessing your lighting controller – any time, and from any place.  You could be mountain biking in Moab – all you have to do is pull out your phone and flip from veg to bloom!  You can create standard day & night schedules, but you can also do much more.  Create custom day and night lengths, and even create seasonal lighting patterns where the day length can incrementally decrease during the cycle. 

And it goes without saying that nobody can afford downtime.  That’s why we’ve designed the HID-8 with minimal failure points and easy-to-replace parts.  On the off chance you blow a relay, no problem - replace it in minutes without taking the unit out of service.  When you have a CS1T or CS2 Climate Sensor on the #GCNetwork, it adds high temperature shutoff features to all of your GrowCentral lighting controllers.  You can add phased lighting shutdown if a certain temperature threshold is exceeded to protect crops from heat damage, in the event a cooling or ventilation device fails. This model also comes in a 2-Zone configuration, where you can control your lights in two separate zones of 4 outlets each, with different program schedules for each zone (model HID8-240V-D), so you could run two different rooms, each with its own schedule.  You could even run one room with 8 lights, in a checkerboard pattern, where only 4 are on at any given time.  The possibilities are many.  The standard HID8-240V includes a 5-second delay between zones, so the first four lights start up, then the next 4 lights start up 5 seconds later.  There is no better controller for powering up your lights! 

This is the most flexible and productive lighting controller money can buy!  Join the #GCNetwork today!


-240V Single Phase lighting controller (high leg ok). L1+L2+Neutral+Ground

-8 NEMA 6-15R 240-Volt outlets, with a 15A circuit breaker for each outlet pair. 

-Up to 50A maximum output.

- Access your HID8 controller from any phone, tablet, or computer via app or browser. 

-Create on/off lighting schedules for veg and bloom, create custom day & night lengths, and create seasonal lighting patterns that mimic nature.

-Create lighting programs, turn lights on & off manually, get alerts, and review statistics, from any device – no matter where you happen to be. 

-Easy to install and operate.  Our signature removable front cover makes installation a breeze.  Wire directly to color-coded terminal blocks, with knockouts on three sides of the chassis for flexible wire entry options.  Automate all of your lighting within minutes!

-Staggered startup.  First four outlets power up, then next 4 outlets power up 5 seconds later.

-Optional dual zone model (HID8-240V-D), with independent programming capability for each zone of four outlets, allows you to run two different schedules from one controller.

-Use with CS1T or CS2 Climate Sensor to provide high temp shutoff functions.

-Replaceable components mean no down time, ever.    

-The HID8 never misses a beat.  Even if internet is down, all programs continue to execute. 

-Powder coated steel enclosure built to last a lifetime with keyhole tabs for easy wall mounting.

-UL 508A Compliant. One-year manufacturer warranty.

-Requires Internet Router with WPS, GrowCentral Account, and Internet access. 

-Proudly designed and made in the USA by master growers (who also happen to be tech geeks!!), with three decades of experience in the industry – undisputedly the best controllers money can buy!   

Automating with GrowCentral is the easiest and smartest thing you can do for your garden!  Join the #GCNetwork today!

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