Grower's Choice 1000W Double Ended CMH, 3K

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Size: 3K
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Introducing the world’s first 1,000W Ceramic Metal Halide lamp. As a direct replacement for your existing 1,000 watt HID fixtures, this 1,000W CMH lamp provides the absolute highest photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) to your specialty flowering plants. Emitting an astonishing PPFD and with an extremely high CRI  this lamp will not only increase your overall dry weight but will also raise the quality of your harvest. Grower’s Choice has continuously produced the world’s most accurate spectrum, closely replicating the sheer power of the sun. By using existing double-ended fixtures with our new 1,000 watt CMH lamp you can completely overhaul the lighting in your facility, and enjoy watching your yields increase as your temperatures decrease.

Color: 3100K

Type: DE-CMH

Wattage: 1000W

Initial Par:  2050 umol/s

CRI: 90

Hours: 10,000

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