12 Gallon Cure / Storage Container

$25 / Unit shipping

Warehouse Stock, (20 units)


This 12 gallon bin is the perfect solution for storage / curing your large batches of herbs. Instead of purchasing dozens of glass Ball jars (which require daily lid removal for burping), simply place your products in this storage tube with a humidity pack. This container will save you time and money while providing the perfect environment.

Each container comes with a BPA-free food grade removable liner. Instead of scrubbing each jar/container in-between harvests to preserve your unique terpene profiles, simply remove the liner and replace with a new one. 

The lid of each container can be clamped in place with with its provided clamp. The lid can also be used without the clamp as well. 

Use together with Replaceable Drum Liners


19in H x 15.5in Diameter

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